What we do

We assist the client through all the stages of development of the project. We have a 360 approach and we codesign together the final product putting an emphasis for the technological aspects. We provide the client with all our Know-how gained over years ow work in the field

The expertise we offer

Our Expertise in the financial sector allows us to design project for the client extracting the maximum economic value:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital assets and tokenization
  • Deployment of new technologies to streamline processes
  • New financial instruments

The founders can count on a deep legal knowledge gained over many years at a notorious law firm. The projects we work on are developed on a solid legal and normative framework. We always make sure compliance is strictly respected:

  • The architecture of the projects always take into consideration the legal aspects 
  • Deep knowledge of the sector
  • Constant connection with regulators: continuous update of the legal context of reference

Our development team has years of experience working on highly innovative solutions. We guarantee solidity and precision in the execution and delivery of our projects

  • Deep knowledge of new technology including blockchain, cloud service and AI
  • Technological solutions codesigned along with the client
  • Quick delivery made possible by our development techniques

Wizkey prioritizes the human aspect of every single project and uses its creativity capabilities for the benefit of the client. This is our formula to donate unicity and efficacy.

  • Creativity in the development of the projects
  • Priority in the growth of the human capital within every project
  • Limiti del progetto sempre in linea con la regolamentazione

Case study


In late December 2021 the multi originator GACS “Pop NPLS 2021” securitization promoted by Luigi Luzzatti S.C.p.A. was eventually ended. Luzzatti i…

Case study


The joint venture created by Wizkey and Neosperience made possible the first issue of an NFT collection performed by an Italian publishing house. T…

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