What Define is

Onboard the documentation, put together your portfolio and transfer it to the global market.

Our platform is an end-to-end product created specifically to facilitate and improve the process of management and transfer of financial assets through the usage of a safe, transparent and efficient market infrastructure. The objective is to enhance liquidity of your product (financiali) and to avoid intermediaries in the sales process.

Everything is transparent, nothing is visible.

Our first priority is the privacy of our users. Therefore WizKey has no access to any document uploaded onto the platform as well as no access is available for Wizkey to the private negotiations between operators.

Maximum flexibility, no friction

Institutions and operators can streamline audit processes and due diligence. The platform allows the management of multiple parallel negotiations in the same digital marketplace. All this is made possible thanks to our technology and the potential offered by smart contracts running on the blockchain.


No documentation

Our smart Data Room is permanently connected to its credit line .

Avoid non essential

Save time and money in audit and due diligence leveraging digitization of processes.

Access to a global

We offer a market infrastructure based on a settlement layer not censorable which i s open to all market operators and to all asset classes


  • Blockchain

  • Smart Contract

  • Cloud Services


WizKey chose Algorand permissionless blockchain, relying on its transparent and secure infrastructure for its operations on financial markets.

Smart Contract

Define uses smart contracts for 3 basical component: documents notarizazion, assets tokenization and operations settlement.

Cloud Services

Thanks to Kubernetes, Define could be deployed on the user’s preferred infrastructure.

Smart Data room

Thanks to the evolved data room provided by Define, every asset is permanently linked to its data room thus avoiding documental loss over its whole cycle of life.


Using our certified process for the digitization of the documental set , all the PDFs uploaded onto Define are taken as certified copies of the original contracts. Moreover, we have at your disposal the negotiation process on the blockchain that guarantees the highest level of protection.


We leverage the potential of the blockchain and we tokenize every credit into an NFT. This process transforms assets potentially illiquid into tradable and liquid tokens,


The composition of portfolios can be structured with different levels of granularity. Thanks to our token technology and our set of smart contracts the management and organization of portfolios as well as the beginning of the negotiation process and the transfer are all just one click away from the operator.

Agile Due diligence

Due diligence is simplified thanks to light cross-check made possible by our smart contracts. The results of the process are permanently linked to the assets diminishing information asymmetry between data and state of things in the asset lifecycle.

Processo End-to-end

All the steps of a structured finance operation are codified: from the issuance all the way to the settlement. Moreover, the notarization on blockchain gives unmatched legal protection to all the parties involved in the transaction.

Characteristics di Define

We have freed the whole potencial of structured finance evolving it using the technological stacks such as blockchain and cloud service. Our powerful infrastructure opens up the horizon to new ways of financing that are likely to become a new standard.

About the platform


“L’alto livello di innovazione della piattaforma presentata da WizKey permette di individuare soluzioni innovative, valide ed efficienti nel contesto del trasferimento del credito”

Fintech District

“Although it started in Italy, this project has a global vision as it is based on a decentralized network which was created to be borderless and allow operators, including banks and enterprises, to operate, regardless of their country of origin”

The Cryptonomist

“Composta da un team tutto italiano, la piattaforma, grazie alla tecnologia blockchain, funge da ponte tra banche, imprese ed operatori finanziari nelle operazioni di cessione del credito e di emissione di prodotti finanziari”


“Una data room permanente e trasferibile, smart contracts per tokenizzare gli asset e notarizzare i dati, un’infrastruttura P2P per il mercato digitale secondario del credito e dei prodotti finanziari”

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