Consulting for banks

Increase in efficiency and rationalization of expenses are fundamental drivers for financial institutions. Blockchain technology can offer tangible advantages in regarding transparency and automation of processes, data management and creation of new market opportunities. The digital challenge is a fundamental step towards the future and we are here to guide you on this path.

Consulting for companies

Companies of any size are looking for new financial opportunities and for the enlargement of their market. WizKey will lead your company in the decentralized world to provide ready-to-use solutions to make your company cutting-edge and successful.

Consulting for investors

The blockchain has made possible the rise of a new financial world that has been accepted by the major financial institutions. At WizKey, we can count on many years of experience working with blockchain technology and on investment in crypto assets. We offer instruments able to leverage the possibilities offered by the decentralized finance.



We put at the service of our customers all our know-how and experience and we deeply analyze reference sectors to obtain a strategic view over the context.

Financial strategic consulting

Thanks to our deep experience in the financial sector, we support our clients willing togenerate new value through strategic planning and the creation of unique competitive advantages.

Technical review

A consistent technical implementation is key to a good outcome for any project. Our team is specialized in new technologies and will be able to give solidity to the execution of your projects.

Project Management

Together with the strategic vision we offer support to the business development of your project structuring and coordinating dedicated teams


The Peres Heritage Initiative is a social award launched at the 43rd edition of The European House – Ambrosetti Annual Forum “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy” to commemorate the legacy of Shimon Peres. WizKey was awarded at the 6th edition in the context of the session “Empowering the generations of the future”.

Study of a model to issue bonds and basket bond on a permissionless blockchain

High-level education about  blockchain technology  applied to the banking sector

Study of a decentralized platform to run poker tournaments



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