WizKey is a FinTech company, based in Milan. The company offers innovative solutions for the financial and technological sectors. The offered solutions regard the construction of new digital markets, the enhancement of the financial positioning and the support for the enhancement of internal innovation processes. We develop together with the client new financial solutions taking advantage of the most recent technology.

Surely: Define is ready to be deployed and function; just turn on your license and get the platform; the issue of NFTs NFT is always available and operative with 7 days

WizKey works mainly in the Fintech e blockchain sectors taking advantage of the technology to offer products for structured finance, ESG services and for management and sale of financial assets both of banking and commercial origin.

Of course. Our formula in the provision of an exploratory workshop allows us to better comprehend how to insert in an effective and efficient way blockchain technology within the internal company processes.


The platform Define responds to the need to create a safe, transparent and effective, efficient and transparent way to manage different financial assets (among them: NPL and UTP). WizKey Define is designed keeping in mind the needs of operators of the financial market involving the value chain of credits (banks, investment funds and intermediaries): financial intermediaries willing to open new markets for new products.. WizKey Define is an innovative tool that allows the conversion of any kind of asset into digital liquid tokens which are immediately tradable on the primary and secondary market. WizKey Define revolutionizes processes limiting value dispersion and certifying the whole negotiational workflow.

Structured finance was born in the second half of the 80’s following the deregulation of the financial sector in the USA and in the UK. It represent a special segment whose objective is to make liquid assets that usually are not by redistributing the risk connected within the financial system. The benefits connected to a greater liquidity are obtained through the securitization process. This is the process of accumulation and conversion of single instruments – usually debts- into new financial instruments that are collateralized with the first financial instruments (debts). The main instruments are: syndicated loans, asset backed securities (ABS), Mortgage backed securities (MBS), collateralized debt obligations (CDO), collateralized bond obligations (CBO).

l Wizkey Node (WKN) is a docker image implementable on a containerized infrastructure both on premise and on a dedicated account cloud which is indipendente of the Wizkey Cloud. The WKN stores documents and simultaneously preserves privacy (since sensitive information is only accessible for the user). WKN offers the creation and storage of metadata regarding documents as well as AI tools to analyze documents implemented directly on the client’s account: no data is shared with WizKey at any moment. Moreover, the WKN has an integrated Algorand node to provide audit over the receipts sent from the blockchain during the process of notarization ensuring the integrity of documents and transactions.

No. WizKey Define can be customized to function with any kind of asset that needs a specific documental set and does not imply regulatory restriction. The platform is quickly adaptable relatively to the customer’s needs.


An NFT is a unique token that refers to a collateral asset. Depending on the necessities, we can use NFTs in finance (NFT as a medium to transfer the asset), in warehouse management (every single item is connected to an NFT) or in digital art.

That depends on the company and on its digital strategy. The market has awarded companies that pursue this phenomenon in a smart way integrating NFTs with already existing services and products

The creation of a landing page for your NFT drop does not exceed a couple of thousand Euros in price. Our suggestion to our clients is to take a step forward and issue NFTs that are coherent with its own business model.

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