7 June 2022

The joint venture created by Wizkey and Neosperience made possible the first issue of an NFT collection performed by an Italian publishing house. The project has been carried out thanks to NFT-Commerce (, the first platform to allows organizations and companies to create, to manage and to sell their own digital assets leveraging NFT (Non-Fungible -Token) technology.

We designed for Neri Pozza publishing the project NFPPP: Non-Fungible-Pier Paolo Pasolini, the first issue of NFTs initiated by an Italian publishing house to celebrate the centenary from the birth of Pasolini. The publishing house decided to choose the competence and the skills in technology provided by Neosperience and Wizkey. The project consists in the issue of a special digital edition of the cover of the book Caro Pier Paolo written by Dacia Maraini.

The designed activities consisted in the creation of a landing page dedicated to the project, where it was possible to access the respective auctions of the art pieces created by the artist Nicola Verlato, and in the creation of the NFTs representing 3D animation models of a physical art piece of the head of the famous Italian intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The global public was able to admire the previews of the art pieces visiting the opening of the exhibition of the artist in Rome at the Museo Nazionale Romano, Terme di Diocleziano and then through the landing page The NFTs were auctioned and are available for the bought on OpenSea, the biggest and most famous NFT marketplace.